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First, Anders feels like he has to chime in...


Hey everyone,

This "group posting" thing was Violet's idea, so I don't know how I got elected to write it. I guess now that Jason and Sarah are back with us, she feels more comfortable bossing me around.

Well, if you've all been following this Exocog saga on the blog, you should know by now that some seriously shady stuff was going down. I had my suspicions all along, but it's only after I talked to Jason and Sarah that the extent of the abuse of precogs and precognitive abilities became clear.

See, it seems Exocog was using a very nasty drug - retocognase - to boost precog powers in order to further their own greedy corporate scheme. And when things started going awry (as is inevitable when using any kind of substance to enhance naturally given gifts) Exocog realized they were in some serious trouble in terms of human rights. Which led to the hostage situation you all followed so closely.

Violet is telling me not to make things sound so dire. But I think that it's important we get the word of what happened out there, so no other company is tempted to try this sort of thing again. Just because the laws haven't defined what is abuse of precognitive abilities doesn't give anyone the right to go out and test the limits beyond reasonable amounts.

Because I guess some good came of this whole thing. The "vision" that Violet and I both had of Jason and Sarah - it turns out it was more like a message. They used retocognase to boost Jason's powers, and in the process discovered our very own Sarah has some latent precog abilities of her own. If it hadn't been for that drug, maybe they would have never been able to communicate with us their whereabouts.

The point is, Exocog got busted up by the Feds, just like in my vision. I don't know who tipped them off, but I saw the whole thing with my own eyes. And although there weren't papers flying around all over the place, I'm doing my part (and Violet and Jason and Sarah) to get the message out about what went on there so we can make sure it doesn't happen again.

Maybe this "Friends and Family" forum isn't so bad after all. I guess anything that brings greater understanding between precogs and mundanes is worthwhile.

(and Violet, Sarah and Jason)


I listened to Anders rant about this all during breakfast this morning. But I just can't get over the fact that it's over. Everyone's safe. The bad guys have been defeated. Jason's home.

And I have a bit of a headache.

I don't think I'd imagined meeting Richard the way it happened - me wrapped up in a police blanket, blinking madly as the sun beat down upon us, him chugging a cup of coffee that dripped onto his wrinkled suit. My hair was a mess. I don't think he minded, though. I apologized again for everything that I had said, and then you know what he did? He apologized right back.

Well, sort of. Richard isn't much for apologies. I don't have much to complain about, though. If it weren't for Richard, I wouldn't be writing this. And I wouldn't have Jason reading this over my shoulder, teasing me for being so sappy... Dork.

The past few days have not been easy - I can't imagine how Jason bore such pain for so long. But I can't describe how it felt the first time images entered my mind, and I just KNEW that they meant something?

I'm not saying it was worth the pain, the fear, being shut up in a little room. But I know who wins the World Series this year.

And, even better - I'm pretty sure we live happily ever after.

I'm so thankful to you all - all of you who emailed, who linked, who blogged - for helping to make this happen. For helping me bring Jason back, in all of his annoying, nagging, wonderful glory. This couldn't have been done without you. No one manages alone. John Donne was right about that.

Jason's now making John Donne jokes and reminding me that he hasn't been home in a really really long time.

As if I'll ever forget.

Blessings to you all.

Fresh air. Blue sky. Jason. Freedom. At last.

As you probably know by now, all sorts of things hit the fan this morning. And it's all good. The last time I saw Peter, he was in a headlock, put there by one of the biggest FBI agents I've ever seen. Of course, until today, I had never seen an FBI agent. But they're all over Exocog now, collecting people and papers and servers and who knows what else.

I have to run now -- there are a bunch of people that want to talk to me. But I wanted to be sure I got a chance to say hello-we're-all-fine to a bunch of people that have been an enormous help to me. Let me talk to these guys and get some rest, and I'll fill you in soon.

Thanks again to all of you,

Seth here, holding down the fort for Sarah....

Things are coming to a boil -- we may be seeing Exocog in the midst of its death throes. But a wounded and injured rattlesnake is the most dangerous of all. Take this report from Anders from that perspective...



Violet thought I should let you know that Iím okay. I saw what she wrote you about me going off to Exocog today. Donít worry, Iím fine. They didnít even know I was there. And if I hadnít gone, we wouldnít know now that theyíve upped security. When I went back I noticed right away the guards were patrolling more frequently. And maybe itís just a perspective thing, but they all looked a little more on edge too.

That all makes sense given a vision I had earlier today. It was a big one, and powerful, like Violetís last vision was. But it contradicts hers. Because what I saw was mass confusion and no one at Exocog was getting away with anything. I saw people running in and out of the Exocog headquarters, some of them scientists, and some of them dressed in some sort of uniforms. Weird noises and overlapping voices everywhere, papers and loose documents were flying out of the doors and windows, and all the people were trying to catch them. They were fighting over them. And then I saw Sarah and Jason come running out, hand in hand, and they each threw a stack of papers into the air.

Kind of a cheesy vision, I guess. Itís hard to believe this vision reflects whatís actually going to happen in reality. But I do think it hints that a lot more information Ė the truth Ė about whatís going on at Exocog may come out soon.

What we need to do is figure out how best to deal with something like this happening. We need to make absolutely sure that whatís happening at Exocog doesnít get buried. I agree with Violet about being safe, but I also think we canít pass up the opportunity to blow this thing wide open, provided weíve got some concrete evidence to back up our claims.

Have you found anything out that might help us? Maybe a way to contact Sarah, or get inside Exocog some other way? Even though she went and did exactly what I told her not to, maybe itís for the best if she can get us some inside information on Exocog that we wouldnít have access to any other way.



This is not the place to tell stories out of school, Anders. But we have our ways, and our plans, and our actions. And we are underway.

I received an email or two today regarding a friend of ours - but as soon as I tried to contact her, she seemed to have vanished into the mist.

At the very least, her email stopped working for me this morning. And I took a real chance - I was always afraid of doing this, before - and called that message-y phone number. "Disconnected or out of the service area", all morning.

I need to look into this more. A door could be closing here, but maybe a window is opening somewhere else.

I'm sorry for not posting here as much recently - things have been busy. Unfortuately, I don't see them getting any less busy.

Watch for important annoucements in less crowded rooms. I'm enjoying the little privacy I've scrounged.

Wow. Just saw the results on the Institute test. Not too bad at all. I'll have to show Jason.

When he gets back.

Thanks to those who sent me their blogs. I think I'm up to date, but, if there are others, please let me know.

I've spent most of the past several days on the computer, and I think I've got a solution for a lot of our security issues. My carpool buddies have some extra trunk space, see. And they don't mind sharing.

My friend Violet's having a good run these days, making it seem a bit strange that she's only ranked at 3. Usually, precogs don't get repeat performances, but Violet's always been a bit lucky. In case anyone has some insights:



I hope this email finds you well. If you're anything like me, you can't get what's happening out of your head. Like that vision I had of the scary-looking guys. I had it again just last night right in the middle of a movie- Things got a little bit clearer this time, and I thought I'd share it with you, in case it helps anything on your end.

So-this time the same scary guys didn't just stand around. They started talking -- arguing actually -- about what to do. They were waiting for some other people to show up, but they weren't there- They said something about information- And then one of the guys leaned forward and his jacket gaped open- And I saw a gold badge. I couldn't make out the letters, but it was something official, that's for sure.

Before I could hear what they were going to do, or who exactly they were waiting for, my vision switched over to a different area of downtown. It was a loft apartment on a deserted and desolate street. There was a man doing a line of coke, or maybe speed? And a couple of others with him. There was more of whatever it was in a bag on the table, along with open bottles of alcohol, half-full or empty. The mood in this place was the exact opposite of the earlier part of my vision -- everyone was smiling, relaxed, even laughing. And they were laughing at the guys who couldn't find them.

I still don't know what this has to do with anything that may be going on at Exocog, but if Anders and some of the other precogs are right and the government is involved somehow, then I can only assume that there's got to be a connection between what I'm seeing and what they are. I wish I could help you with that, but I still don't know what it is. That's the problem with visions. You see all sorts of things, but it doesn't mean you're going to understand it.


Now, where we, before we were so rudely interrupted? (geez - PF may be the flakiest Internet provider I've ever had...)

That was, undoubtedly, the best shower ever. I had no idea how grimy I really felt until I was able to start washing off the layers of dust and sweat. When I was younger, I used to think I became a new person every time I took a shower - by washing away the old, something new was born. Nature abhors a vacuum. Nothing - or nobody - just disappears.

I was a pretty smart little kid, sometimes.

Just checked my email (I'm stunned by how much happened while I was gone) and in my post-shower haze, I have lost all resolve to start catching up on it. I did take the liberty of adding some new friendly links to the blog ring - if this is a problem, please let me know, but I think we're all better off if we share as much as we can. It sounds like there may be a few more to add pretty soon, which it great. Your support is really helping me. (By the way, if you send me mail about a blog entry, please remember to include the URL... :-)

I saw the Institute's screening test, and decided to try it out. Focused, closed my eyes, breathed in, and didn't even think about thinking. Just like Jason taught me. It used to be a game we played, and he always won. Now, it's not nearly as fun a game.

I'm still exhausted, and need to collect my thoughts after all this time. But there's more coming; old friends are back in touch.

Road trips can be good for the soul. Mine, anyway. They can also be learning experiences, and I've learned much over the last few days. As, I guess, some of you have, as well.

I'm still trying to understand what it all means and what to do about it. And, more importantly, how to get the word out. Seems I have some hacking to do and some plans to make...

But I also want to acknowledge some new friends, and note that my blog ring - on your left - is starting to take shape. We need all the help we can get, and I hope that others will offer to join in as well.

Time to clean the road dust off me. More later.

Ah, weekends. Good things, on the whole. A chance to catch a breath, get some sun, and regain some perspective. I recommend them. Even, or maybe especially, under current circumstances.

I will be offline for the day or two - after all, like the gumshoe said, you never make any breaks on a case without sacrificing some shoe leather.

I'm sorry that I've gotten so behind in my email lately - hopefully, when I get back, I'll be able to get more on top of things.

Take care, all. Be careful.

I got home tonight to a message from Ken, who I now count as a dear friend... Turns out Jason was more web-active than I knew.

Maybe I shouldn't have read it. But it was a comfort just to read his words. He writes like he talks, rambling and messy and smart...

When he gets back, I'll apologize - hopefully, he won't be too upset.

When. When. I'm actually feeling hopeful these days. Without much reason, but still.

Hope's not such a bad thing.

Once again, I'm bearing troublesome tidings, this time from Anders....



I didnít think Iíd be writing again, but since you continue to post despite my warningÖ.

Iíve had another vision that shows how deep this goes. I saw this base, or compound or something Ė lots of flags and guards all around Ė up in the mountains somewhere. Definitely not local, a definite smell of government in the air. And then I got a flash of this room, with a group of people all tranced outÖ. It was exactly how precogs look when theyíre receiving visions. Except for the fact that itís completely unlikely that they would all receive visions at the same time like that. Something weird was going on, and I felt it all the more when I saw one of them come out of his vision, and then look across the room quickly, like someone had spoken to him, or he had seen somethingÖ It made me think there was someone or something there monitoring the whole thing that I couldnít see.

So thatís unsettling enough. But thereís more. While I was having the vision there was a moment when my sight blurred a little, it was like when you cross your eyes for a second? The point is, thatís not supposed to happen. Unless youíre on drugs or something. Whatever your eyesight is when youíre lucid, visions are always 20/20. They come from inside you, and there was nothing inside me that should have screwed it up. So that means there was an outside force present somehow. Even thought thatís supposed to be impossible too.

Whateverís going on, you should really try to keep a low profile about anything you may or may not know about this. Iím not trying to say Iím not as interested or concerned about whatís going on here as you are. I mean, Iím probably more concerned since it directly affects me. Just be careful, because yours is the only non-precog forum thatís talking openly about this. And although the gathering and sharing of information is good, it may attract the kind of attention you donít needÖ



It's clear we can't just do this via email anymore - there has to be a more secure way to share this information.

But what? The US Postal Service?

Sometimes, I crack myself up.

A bit more of a human face beind the e-mail address, I guess....

From: Richard L. Dexforth <>
To: Sarah Ames <>
Subject: Re: a bit more of an apology


I will do what I can. Please be patient.

Richard L. Dexforth
Executive Director, Institute for Precognitive Studies

> From: Sarah Ames <>
> To: Richard L. Dexforth <>
> Subject: Re: a bit more of an apology
> Richard,
> I do appreciate your quick response, but I urge you to handle this
> matter quickly. These are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers,
> lovers and friends who have disappeared. Our nearest and dearest. We
> only know that they were last under your care. And we're worried
> sick. People don't just disappear, Richard. Somebody has to vanish
> them.
> Sarah
>> Sarah,
>> I'm glad you've seen the error in jumping to conclusions. I do
>> appreciate your making the truth as public as the falsehoods
>> these WTF people are spreading.
>> Having said that, I must note that the Institute is a public
>> facility, and we can't be forever responsible for everyone who
>> passes through our doors. Also, as I have mentioned to you before,
>> federal privacy laws restrict us from releasing any information
>> about our research participants to anyone but immediate family
>> members.
>> Nevertheless, your report is a troubling one, and I will do my best
>> to learn what I can. The treatment of our participants is not just
>> a scientific or business concern for me, but a personal one as
>> well. I'm sorry you have felt frustrated by what probably does seem
>> to be unresponsiveness on the part of the Institute. I've been out
>> of town until recently, limiting my ability to stay on top of
>> things. Not that that will or should make you feel any better.
>> I promise you that I will look further into this, and I will get
>> back to you with what I can find out and am able to pass along.
>> Richard L. Dexforth
>> Executive Director, Institute for Precognitive Studies
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Sarah Ames <>
>> To: Richard L. Dexforth <>
>> Subject: a bit more of an apology
>> Richard-
>> I do apologize for leaping to the conclusions I did - I've even
>> stated so publicly. I'm just fairly nervous, as you might
>> understand. The precognitives who agreed to a week's testing have
>> not been heard from in a month. Your people have been very
>> uncooperative in helping us find out what has happened to our loved
>> ones. All we want is to know what is happening. All we want is the
>> truth.
>> I am grateful, Richard, for your response to this issue. Perhaps,
>> with your personal attention, this issue can be resolved quickly, and
>> those we care about will return home soon.
>> Again, I apologize. Thank you in advance for your help.
>> Sarah Ames

So, I've been in touch with our new friends. At least, I think they're our friends. It's strange, how much your priorities can differ from others.

I'm going to go to the grocery store with some friends, you see. I only need to go for one item - it's the only thing I'm concerned about. But they want to get the shopping DONE, to the point of clearing off the shelves, shutting the store down.

And I had to say to them, "That's fine and all, but I really only need to get this one thing. And I don't want to stop you guys - but I don't want you to get in my way, either."

We're coming from completely different places. Completely different objectives. But we're still going to be carpooling to the grocery store.

Your inspirational anecdote for today. Take heed.

More curious e-mail last night. I'll get it off to the mailing list shortly...

Okay... Okay...

I just got this on my cell phone. If you can make sense of it, you're doing better than me. All I know is what I WANT it to mean. But what it actually means - what all of it means - could be something else entirely.

You tell me.

So my ISP decides to take the weekend off, just when I start getting strange and scary email about my boyfriend? That's just great. Exactly what I needed.

Now, at least, I can try and figure out who Mr. Postman is. Or the postmen, I suppose. Because nothing this big could be orchestrated by just one person. I need to know what's happening here, and the confusion and silence is terrifying.

Subscribers to the mailing list may want to check their mail in a few. Something strange has trickled through the wire.

This is the thing that amazes me about the world sometimes. You ask for help, and there are people out there who are willing to offer it. I've been overwhelmed with the responses to my most recent message... They've been very enlightening. Now, there are connections - and reasons why other connections seem to be going stale.

A few people - clearly newbies, but weren't we all, once? - have asked how they could find out if they have precognitive abilities. It's a good question, which is why I'm posting it here - unfortunately, I don't have a great answer. I know of a couple institutions that claim to provide testing, but at this point I really don't feel comfortable recommending their services. There are also some medical professionals who provide testing - I'd check local directories in your area under the psychology section. It's not something that the medical community takes particularly seriously, but there are some experienced people available to answer your questions. I was seeing a therapist last year, and she recommended me to someone for testing - that's how I got the let-down.

On the other hand, I'm feeling a lot better about those naked-in-public dreams.

I'm going to put Ask Sarah on hold for a while. There's some stuff I need to take care of - and complaints about loved ones ruining the end of this week's Law And Order...

I think we can all agree that it seems a bit trivial. Especially when there are twenty families who don't have that problem right now.

Richard's assistant at the Institute would like everyone to know that Richard's looking into... this... as best they can. But he's really busy, and I don't know when I'm going to get a straight answer from somebody. I'm sorry, everyone.

Any correspondence for Jason can be forwarded to my email. I'm taking care of his affairs for the time being.

In case you didn't see Access Entertainment - Anne Heche just "came out." As a precog, this time. *g* According to her publicist, she has a 4 ranking. Not to be catty - but if Anne Heche is a 4, then I can bend spoons with my mind. At least she didn't claim she was a 5 - that'd be going beyond exaggeration. Jason would just crack up.

It's like Dionne Warwick all over again. Why can't we get some non-crazy celbrities? I mean, I'd like to know what Josh Hartnett sees - especially in the shower...

Hey, Jason's been gone for a week. I'm allowed to have thoughts like these!

Speaking of which, has anyone heard anything about the testing yet? I haven't heard from Jason, and there should have been word...

Jason just found out about this great opportunity for precogs - there's some testing and experimentation being done that could mean some public acknowledgment or validation. Plus - there's a stipend!

If you're interested, Jason wants anyone interested to email him - he should have more details soon.

I updated the Ask Sarah section just now. I don't pretend to have all the answers - but I can say I understand the questions. It can be hard, knowing that when your boyfriend gets that daydreamy look in his eyes, he's not just daydreaming. It can be even harder to really believe that it's true. I'm so grateful that lookingForward exists. it doesn't make things easier, but it makes things easier to understand.

Jason's been kind of depressed recently, because of the layoff and all. I suggested that he help me set up a statistics page, so that we can see how many precogs there really are, and where they live. He didn't think that was a good idea - is this the general consensus? Email me if you know.

Hello! After a lot of effort (and a lot of Jason's help - thanks, sweetie!) I've got my very own website! Or, rather, we have our own website - now that the lookingForward mailing list is celebrating its six month anniversary, it makes sense that we should have some sort of presence online.

I'm sorry that it isn't very fancy, but I'm going to keep this page updated with news and information as it comes - hopefully, we'll make up for being boring by being interesting.

Jason's saying that this site's going to be really successful. I'm never really sure if he's pulling my leg when he says stuff like that - but I always believe him.

This site does not represent any real person or organization. Rather, it is part of an exploration into the use of the Internet for entertainment marketing in general, and TV and movie marketing in particular. For more information about immersive marketing, please contact Jim Miller at Miramontes Studios, or visit this page for a description of the Exocog game.